Aug 16, 2004 Reviews:

World’s biggest wooden church

Kerimäki church is the world’s biggest church made of wood. It is capable of sitting 5,000 people, and as one can guess, the interiors are huge.

The church is open every day during summer and you may go inside without fees. There is also a bell tower with a small cafe and postcard stand. You can climb to the bell tower to see nice view around Kerimäki and admire the church from bird perspective. Entrance fee one euro.

The world's largest church in Kerimäki

Drive to Kerimäki centre and you can spot the church easily on the hill.


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1. maria9 — Wednesday, Aug 24 2005

it’s very beautiful! i am very interested in the world history and the wooden church of from the north europe.

2. Janne — Wednesday, Aug 24 2005

Maria, check out also the Kärsämäki church that has been built very recently, but using only medieval techniques.

3. Philippe — Saturday, Oct 8 2005

I seen this church. But unfortunatly, it was closed.I would like to have a picture about what ther are in it….. it’ would be wonderfull….

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