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September 27th, 2004

Comparing apples and oranges

Both Saturday and Sunday had a glimpse of sunshine in Helsinki, and I decided to carry my cameras with me for taking some snapshots of the colourful nature around us. On Saturday, I was carrying pocket size Canon Ixus 500 and on Sunday, Nikon D70.

As you may guess, the difference was huge. With Canon, I could take ordinary photos — but when I tried to get real close to some detail and have a short depth of field, I failed miserably. The camera could not focus to the objects. Maybe they were too close or the electronics decided that the subject is not focusable…

Everything was a snap with Nikon. You just point to something, zoom, focus and fire away. I was also positively surprised how fast the photo cell is, especially compared to my previous SLR, Fujifilm S1.

The resulting photos – from Nikon – were also sharp and vivid. I’m extremely pleased with this purchase, after extensive test of ten photos :)

September 23rd, 2004


I have now reached two milestones (one good and one bad) with my blog:

  • The ShortStat shows more than 10,000 hits
  • The first comment spam arrived.

Both milestones show that I’m getting traffic and is reachable from many different locations.

I don’t understand the moral of the spammers. How dare you ride free with my blog that I have cultivated with my energy and vision? I do understand their motives: money. Maybe people are clicking enough those links and somebody gets some revenue.

The same thing goes with the ShortStat statistics; a lot of referrals are from paysites, some generated by robots and some with spyware tools.

Everybody visiting this site, do me (and the community) a favour and check your computer for spyware:

  • Download Ad-Aware from, run it and remove all spyware.
  • Download also Spybot – Search & Destroy from, run it and remove rest of the spyware.
  • Consider switching to Firefox or Mozilla for getting rid of the problems for real.
September 22nd, 2004

Autumn has arrived

The autumn — and the rains — have finally arrived to Helsinki… The weather was bad already during the weekend — so no “ruska” photos — but now it is raining every day… Not so fun to ride with bike to work.

September 19th, 2004

Weather is here, wish you were beautiful!

I just opened a e-postcard service for sending nomadic greetings to someone important to you. Now it doesn’t matter whether you can travel to distant country or not, the nifty postcard service allows you to send postcards also from fantasy vacations.

Check out the service at I’ll add links to appropriate places in the site navigation later.

The current selection of postcards include:

  • Strokkur geysir erupting in Iceland
  • The statue of Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Emporial palace tower in Tokyo, Japan
  • Metro sign in Paris, France
  • ‘Keep off the Grass’ sign in Basseterre, St.Kitts & Nevis
  • Closed window in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Hopefully you like the service and the photos. I’ll add new photos from time to time.

If you encounter a bug, please inform about it here in the journal.

September 15th, 2004

Autumn colours during busy hours

Autumn colours are once again approaching Helsinki. The first hints can be seen on the yellow and red spots in the trees. The full blown colourful play will start most probably in a week or two. If you haven’t experienced autumn colours somewhere up north, I suggest to go some year. The view is spectacular. In Finland, we have own word ‘ruska’ for this phenomenon.

Unfortunately, I seem to be too busy to enjoy the colours. My brand spanking new Nikon D-70 is laying in camera backbag for two weeks now. I have once put the power on, to see that the battery is ok and camera does not complain immediately.

Maybe I can spare some time during the weekend to put a lens and a memory card to the camera and shoot some pictures of colourful foliage. Currently, I’m still stuck with the XML course. I have still three lectures that miss slides, but fortunately the bulk of the job is already done. I’ve refreshened a lot of memories and learned also something new during this project. It has been tiresome, yes, but worth of it.

After I have done the slides, I have to add content to several web sites that I’m administrating, write a couple small web applications and then continue to work with new features, or things start to pile up. This will take a week or two, then I could think — for a moment, though — that I’m free and I can indulge myself by reading books (that are also piling up). Most probably something will pop up and my free time slips once again away from me.

September 12th, 2004

My new techie wishlist

I posted my wishlist a couple of months ago, and new I can proudly say that I have achieved to realise most of my wishes.

During my latest trip to States I purchased the following gadgets:

  • Nikon D-70 digital SLR camera — replacement for my current SLR, Fujifilm S1. Nikon is much smaller and lighter, has better resolution and accepts all my current lenses.
  • Canon PowerShot S500 — A smaller digital camera is handy for those occasions that something worth taking pictures appears. Currently photographing is quite planned activity and more spontaneous stance would be good.
  • Sony Vaio PCG-TR3 ultra-portable laptop — Sony has packed the features found usually only in bigger laptops into much smaller case with a better display. The price isn’t that bad, either.
  • Palm Tungsten T3 — My Tungsten T had wandering key calibration problem, and it was be cheaper to buy a new one than get that one fixed.

My new, improved wishlist is the following:

  • Apple PowerBook 12.1" — I’ve been pondering on starting to use Mac for a long time. Several friends have switched, and they’re not coming back.
  • Apple iPod 40 GB — I need a combined portable hard drive and MP3 player and Apple has most probably done things right, as they are currently selling more than 50% of MP3 players worldwide.
  • NetGear WGT624 Super G Wireless Router — My new laptop is equipped with 802.11g wireless network with 54Mbps bandwidth and my current wireless hub can serve only 11Mbps (802.11b). So I need to upgrade.

Good, Trendy and Inexpensive

Vegamót is a small bistro and bar just off the main shopping street, Laugavegur, in Reykjavik. The restaurant is able to combine trendy settings (and people) with good food and inexpensive prices.

The place fills quite fast during lunch hours, so be early or prepare for waiting in the bar.

I tried Bersaglieri pasta, a combination of chicken, bacon, onion, mushrooms and bell-peppers in parmesan-cheesecause. The pasta was different than the normal Italian fare but still excellent.

Appetizers €5-10, main courses €10-25, desserts €6-8., Vegamótastíg 4, Reykjavik, +354 511-3040

September 10th, 2004

London called

I had a brief visit in London on Wednesday. Left home at 6.00 in the morning, was in London at 10.00 and left London at 15.00 and was in home again at 24.00. Exhausting, but worth of it. During the flights, I had opportunity to do some serious working with my brand spanking new laptop, Sony Vaio PCG-TR3. It will take a while until I’ll be comfortable with the US keyboard, but otherwise it is an excellent piece of machinery.

In other frontiers, I’m still busy with the aftermaths of the trip, but I think that I can balance my schedule during the weekend and the next week, and then I can provide some more commentary of my new gadgets… If you read my US posts carefully, you probably noticed that I could fulfil most of my wishlist. Only one piece is left, but of course I got some new ideas during the trip. This is a vicious circle that I don’t want to broke (at least not yet).