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November 29th, 2004

Success at last!

I got finally XP installed! The trick was to switch the drives in BIOS and install the XP into a clean disk. I had to copy the stuff from the disk to LaCIE, delete the partition and repartition it for XP and data. After that everything went smoothly…

Upgrade woes

I’ve had some issues with my livingroom PC that is our internet router, DVD player and backup for laptops. The Windows 2000 installation had gone somewhat crazy and I couldn’t install anything that came with InstallShield. The InstallShield repair instructions didn’t help, as the repair program should have been installed with InstallShield…

I decided to install Windows XP instead of repairing the current installation. This was a mistake, as I soon found out.

The box has two hard disks, one partitioned to three partitions: Windows 2000 (C:, 25 GB), DVD burner temp (E:, 10 GB) and data (D:, 85 GB). The other disk is one big partition (G:, 250 GB).

The installation went along the following lines:

  1. Saturday evening: Install Windows XP from Windows 2000 to E: for testing that Windows XP can found all the hardware. The installation went haywired as it ended up into wrong directory: e:tempxp instead of e:windows.
  2. The installation broke W2K that wouldn’t start anymore.
  3. Go to bed, cursing.
  4. Sunday morning: Install PartitionMagic to XP in order to repartition the first disk. Copy contents of D: to G: as safety precaution. Remove one big folder.
  5. Repaired W2K with CD. This took three reboots, but finally W2K booted.
  6. Found out that G: is now broken. chkdsk was not able to continue. Cancelled it, booted again. Run chkdsk again from Command Promp, saw it fail again. The disk didn’t have any of the files from D:
  7. Found out that XP installation got broken.
  8. Undeleted the big folder from D:. Carried LaCIE Big Disk, hooked it up and sucked all data from D: and some minor parts of C: This took two hours.
  9. Went to have a dinner with Sanna’s aunt.
  10. Sunday evening: Unplugged the LaCIE disk, checked its contents with laptop and put it to rest.
  11. Installed Windows XP again. The installation hung after first reboot, as G: was broken. XP was not able to fix.
  12. Opened the computer and physically removed G:
  13. Installed Windows XP again. This time it went through. Booted up and installed PartitionMagic. Reorganised disks to have free space at the beginning of the disk. This took 1,5 hours.
  14. Windows XP booted up, but found out that it was installed to E:. Not all programs work with this configuration. Fix this with drive mapping feature of PartitionMagic.
  15. Tried to boot, all Windows were broken.
  16. Installed Windows XP again. Failed. Installed Windows XP again. Succeeded.
  17. Booted up Windows XP and found out that it was now installed to D:. Installed PartitionMagic, toggled C: off.
  18. Try to install Windows XP. C: was found with W2K with it.
  19. Turned computer off. Went to bed grumbling and cursing. Cuddled into Sanna’s arms.
  20. Decided to buy a new disk for Windows XP.

How something can be so difficult. I have already wasted more than one day fighting with a simple task. The major problem is now that Windowses do not survice remapping of C: and the C: disk has to be exactly same for every Windows. Why this can’t be an alias for the system disk?

I just checked the prices of the disks. It’s easiest to get one of those, install the OS into it and then plug old disks and try to get them working. I’ll have a busy evening.

November 26th, 2004 Xmas store

I have opened a new section to the site: store. Currently, there is not that much, but I do hope that it will fill up in the future.

As Christmas is approaching on steadily pace, I have opened a special Christmas page for helping you to decide what you would like to give or receive. Hopefully you find something there. I’d rather receive most of them and could consider also giving some of them :)

Also, remember that No Windows, No Problems t-shirts and other merchandise would make a geek happy.

Funky design

Zarro stocks classics and other items in design furniture, lightning, kitchen and bathroom accessories. You can find also trendy small items that can be good souvenirs or gifts to people in home.

The shop is an excellent source of brushed metal goodies and anything related to Alessi., Fredrikinkatu 37, Helsinki, +358 9 603 806,

French and Italian fashion

Annabella stocks French and Italian clothing and shoes that are not available in any other stores or boutiques in Helsinki.

The clothes are fashionable and of good quality. They are not haute couture brands, but still have excellent styling. Annabella has an especially excellent selection of good winter clothes.

Annabella in Korkeavuorenkatu

The place is not the cheapest, for example, cardigans cost €70 or more.

Annabella, Korkeavuorenkatu 2b, Helsinki, +358 9 278 3060

November 24th, 2004

Picturesque winter

Helsinki has currently more snow than any other place in the country. This is very unusual, as we tend to get some snow very late and it melts away quite fast, then we get some more now and it melts away… Now snow has been on the ground for most of the week and we are still safely below zero.

Last Sunday, I and Sanna went for a walk in our neighbourhood. I took my Nikon camera with me and snapped a few photos. Some of these shots were good enough to be put in the photogallery for public view.

The weather was so nice that there were a lot of people outdoors. All the hills were full of small children riding the slopes with all kind of vehicles. And at the bottom of the hills were groups of parents trying to stay warm…

Huge buns and sandwiches

Cafe Succés is located in a posh neighbourhood, a little bit south from the city centre. The area is filled with boutiques, and Cafe Succés is a haven to rest your feet when shopping.

Cáfe Succés

The portions are huge and usually quite tasty, too. Sometimes you may get a sandwich that really does not taste much anything, but at least it fills you well.

On the sweeter side, try traditional Finnish bun “korvapuusti” (write it down, if you think that you cannot pronounce it). You can easily share one with a friend and still have enough.

Cáfe Succés, Korkeavuorenkatu 2, Helsinki

Overpriced sushi

Nori Sushi is a small sushi restaurant in the old market hall in the centre of Helsinki, next to the old market square. The place looks quite picturesque and you can spot the market hall shoppers while savouring sushi and sashimi.

Nori Sushi bar

Unfortunately, the quality of the sushi is not in appropriate level and the portions are small. I have never seen such miniscule maki and nigiri pieces that I ate here. The price is not in scale with the quality and the sizes.

Nori Sushi, Eteläranta 1 (in the Old Market Hall — Vanha Kauppahalli), Helsinki, +358 9 260 0027