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June 27th, 2005

Aapo Kalliola

Update at 22:56, a few images were added.

Our son, Aapo Juhani, was baptised on Juhannus (midsummer) eve in a log cabin church in Koronniemi, Polvijärvi.

I’ve been baptised also on the very same day in 1974, and both Aapo and I celebrate nameday in Juhannus eve. My father has been building the roof of the church, so there were abundance of reasons to have Aapo to be baptised on that day, on that place.

The church itself is really beautiful place, a converted log cabin standing near the sandy beaches of Koronniemi. You can see a couple of pictures from the web pages of Polvijärven Seurakunta (Parish of Polvijärvi). The texts are only in Finnish.

Aapo in hands of godmother, my little sister

The celebration took place in my parent’s house in Polvijärvi centre. We kept the event small and cozy, only grandparents, our siblings, Aapo’s godparents and one of my godmothers were present.

Aapo with his mother

The weather was nice enough to take a few photos outside without a cap. I’m planning to frame the previous picture for my office desk.

Aapo flying high

Finnish design

Pentik is one of the less known Finnish design houses. Their products are not shown in Wallpaper, but they are still part of Finnish heritage. Maybe the reason for exclusion is the rustic focus. Most of their items looks good on Finnish summer cottages.

Pentik Shop in Lahti

They have a largish store on the basement level in shopping center Trio in downtown Lahti that stocks the full selection: tableware, bedclothes and other interior design paraphelia., Aleksanterinkatu 22 (in shopping center Trio, basement level), Lahti, Finland, +358 3 781 8533

Large shopping mall

Trio is a shopping mall located on Aleksanterinkatu in Lahti downtown. The shops are spread into four (albeit the name implies three) separate buildings that are joined together on the basement level and with tubes on the second floor.

Trio shopping center in Lahti

The shops are mostly part of middle level chains, so no extra fancy items are to be found here. Nevertheless, the mere size of the centre makes it fun to browse through.

The basement level hosts several cafés, sandwich bars and restaurants, and McDonald’s is found on the ground floor., Aleksanterinkatu 20, Lahti, Finland, +358 3 781 9880

June 22nd, 2005

Some peace and quiet, please

I’ve been working like a dog for the past couple of weeks. Finally things are settling down and my evenings are free for some quiet family life — of course from Thursday onwards, as today is fully booked.

Tomorrow, Sanna will take the son with him and go to Joensuu by train. I’ll follow her with a car later the very day — there are a big possibility for heavy traffic jams between Lahti and Heinola, some 100 kilometers north from here. As the car doesn’t have airconditioning, the experience could be too much for our son. Next year, they should have built the missing highway section between these cities and we’ll zoom past Heinola — just to hit a new jam in Lusi, where the highway ends…

While in Joensuu region, in Polvijärvi to be exact, we’ll celebrate Finnish juhannus (midsummer) by giving a name to our son and then having a sauna, some traditional foods and watching the bonfire.

The weather has been nice for the past weekend, hopefully it stays similar throughout juhannus.

Everything from wood

Lahti is known as a city of carpenters, and their organisation, Pro Puu ry, has established nice offices, a gallery, shop and workspaces near Sibelius Hall next to the lake.

Propuu building

The gallery hosts monthly exhibitions and theme varies quite a lot, but it is always related to wood in some manner.

The shop sells Finnish wood craft, and the staff is always ready to answer your questions about various items. There are also a few carpenters working on the workshops in the back of the house, and they may can give more thorough explanations about certain techniques or crafts., Satamakatu 2 A (Next to Sibelius Hall), Lahti, Finland, +358 3 751 5600,

The smaller bookstore

Info is the second biggest, or the smallest, bookstore in Lahti downtown, located conveniently next to Sokos department store on Aleksanterinkatu.

Info bookstore in Lahti

Info is a chain of bookstores, usually found in smaller towns than the other chains Suomalainen and Akateeminen. This, however, does not tell the quality of the stores, and in Infos one can make real finds and get more dedicated service.

The store in Lahti has full selection of a Finnish bookstore crammed in a quite small space., Aleksanterinkatu 23, Lahti, Finland, +358 3 752 3550

June 18th, 2005

In civilised wilderness

I have been spending the last couple days in Nuuksio national park, having a company meeting in Villa Karumaa. The national park is only less than 50 kilometers from the Helsinki downtown, but one feels to be much more far away. There are bear sightings almost every year in some part of Nuuksio.

The villa is located at the end of the Nuuksion Pitkäjärvi (Nuuksio Long Lake), and you have to drive narrow gravel roads for the last kilometer of the journey. Located on a hill and facing to the lake, the villa has magnificent views from the front stairs and the library.

Too bad that the villa is not open for the public. Of course, there are a lot of other nice places in Nuuksio, including hiking trails and such, but villas have distinctive charm of their own.

The bigger bookstore

Suomalainen Kirjakauppa is the bigger of the two bookstores in downtown Lahti. The selection, as one can guess, tilted heavily towards Finnish literature, but there is a selection of English books available, too.

They have a good selection of newspapers and magazines, and maps can be found there, too.

The staff is friendly and they can order stuff for you from other stores in the chain, but that takes a few days — so be prepaper to hang out in the region., Aleksanterinkatu 17, Lahti, Finland, +358 3 874 100