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August 30th, 2005

Frequently asked questions

I’ve got a fair amount of e-mails asking this and that about, the system powering the site, the photographs in the galleries and my fixes for ShortStat.

For addressing these and other questions, I’ve created a frequently asked questions page. The answers are distilled from the email answers, so I didn’t go into details in the FAQ — that wouldn’t served the purpose.

If you still have questions that are not answered in the FAQ, keep them coming by email or through comments.

Memoirs of holocaust and diaspora

Berlin Jewish Museum goes through the tragic history of Jews in Germany and around the world. The large exhibition goes through the old customs, beliefs and traditions of both Jews and non-Jews from the middle-ages to the current day.

Berlin Jewish Museum

The basement of the museum has exceptional spaces for conceptualising the feelings related to the holocaust and the diaspora. Especially the voids built for understanding horror and hopelessness related to the holocaust can be touching or agonising. The exhibition may not be suitable for everybody; not because of gruesome images, but for unwanted emotions.

The museum building is a sight itself, ultra-modern cube with window slits looking like knife cuts.

Address:, Lindenstrasse 9-14 (U-Bahn: Hallesches Tor), Berlin, Germany, +49 30 2599 3300

Contemporary accommodation

Bleibtreu Hotel can be safely classified as a boutique hotel: small number of rooms, very tasty interiors, good service and nice location near the main shopping area Kurfürstendamm. Additional plus is the convenient bus connection to Tegel airport.

Our room was on the top floor with a view to the courtyard and the roofs of the neighbouring buildings. The room itself was of good size, not huge but roomy. The bed was nice with good fitted sheets and the bathroom had all required amenities. The minibar was completely free and stocked every day. There were not that much inside, but it was still a nice gesture from the hotel.

Entrance to Hotel Bleibtreu

The overall design of the hotel is contemporary and executed well in the rooms and in the lobby — the corridors were not in par with the rest of the hotel.

We missed air-conditioning, as there were a smallish heatware in Berlin and the room got a bit too warm, until we found a roof window in the restroom — after opening it, the air could drift through the room and the warmth escaped to the skies., Bleibtreustrasse 31, Berlin, Germany, +49 30 884 740,

Only books

Kirjakauppa Kipa is a little bit funny bookstore in Finland, as it stocks only books. Usually, the stores are filled with all office related stuff and sometimes the books are in minority. Not in here.

Kipa bookstore in Oulu

The smallish store is located in Pakkahuoneenkatu, near the walking area Rotuaari. The selection is focused on literature in Finnish, but they stock some English books and maps for tourists.

The number of alternative books from Like and Sammakko (small Finnish publishers) is astounding compared to the small size of the store., Pakkahuoneenkatu 5, Oulu, Finland, +358 8 311 3389

August 28th, 2005

New photos in the gallery

I’ve added two photos from our recent trip to Berlin. One of the images is sort of art, and it’s located in the black & white gallery. The other photo is more of a tourist type snap, so it can be find from the Travel / Europe gallery.

For your browsing convenience, here are direct links to the gallery entries: void and lion.

Your source of rock & alternative music

Levykauppa Äx’s store in Oulu looks like most of the other non-chain record stores: rough at edges and a lot of attitude inside.

The store is the best place to buy music in Oulu, if you are not interested in the too-produced mass music genres.

Levykauppa Äx in Oulu

Tilted towards rock, heavy metal and alternative, Äx stocks a lot of bands that the media doesn’t say a word. They sell both new and used cds. There is also a shelf for vinyl discs.

Address:, Pakkahuoneenkatu 5, Oulu, Finland, +358 8 338 325,

Old style children clothing

Lastenvaateliike Tiina Kiikka is a treasury box for finding old style children fashion, such as sailor suits, pretty dresses and other garments.

Lastenvaateliike Tiina Kiika

The store is open only during summer. It can be found at the old red warehouses facing the sea, next to the Oulu market square. Entering the store is like travelling a hundred years back in time.

The selection of clothes is huge, and all of them portray the charm of old ages.

Lastenvaateliike Tiina Kiikka, Aittatori 7, Oulu, Finland

Stuff, stuff and stuff

Veljekset Keskinen Tavarapuoti is a combination of a huge department and discount store, located in middle of nowhere in Botnia region in Finland. They sell more than most of the other markets and department stores located in big cities, and people flock the place during usually quiet Sunday evenings.

Tavarapuoti in Tuuri

There are both well-known brands and then almost anonymous items that are just bought in with inexpensive prices. The idea is similar to IKEA: you don’t really need anything, you don’t really buy much anything and at the counter you find out that you have to pay at least 100 euros. But compared to other places, you have saved a lot… Or at least you can use this as an excuse to buy stuff that you really don’t need.

The store is a little bit too crammed to be enjoyable shopping experience — they seemed to run out of space. This situation should change when the build the new Tavarapuoti next to the new food market., Keskisentie 12, Töysä, Finland, +358 6 5100 100,