May 10, 2006 Nomadig, Travelling:

Helsinki Cruise Guide opened!

Helsinki is one of the most favourite destinations for cruise ships sailing on Baltic Sea. Most of the ships stay just one day, and the tourists do not have too much time to spend in Helsinki.

Some of them have booked readymade trips from the travel organiser and have their day fully set. Others are more advanterous and explore Helsinki by their own. I, of course, would prefer the latter.

The only downside is that you might not see the most interesting things, if you don’t know what to look for. Or you can spend too much time finding a restaurant or a café.

To help these modern day urban explorers, I’ve compiled a special Helsinki Cruise Guide that contains some of the best restaurants, cafés, shops and sights in Helsinki. In the guide, you can find exclusive, popular, and economical choices for having a meal or a coffee, or buying some Finnish stuff for yourself or for the people back home.

The guide can be found at Have a ball!


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