Jul 14, 2006 Technology:

Showing rich presence with Jaiku

The Web 2.0 project that I’ve mentioned here a few times has entered into public beta phase, and Jaiku.com is now open for everyone to register.

The Jaiku service has a bit different and very interesting twist compared to the bulk of Web 2.0 services floating around: the whole concept is based on your mobile phone usage that is studied to create an online rich presence about you.

Now, you can tell the world whether you are readily available on the phone, or do you prefer people not to call to you. Your contacts can further see your location, and you can write an one-liner about your current activity or mood.

All this stuff is also available on the web. When you register to Jaiku, you get your personal rich presence page on the web. Mine is janne.jaiku.com. On the page you can see the basic availability of the person.

If you register, you can download a specific Jaiku client to Series 60 smart phone that follows your actions and posts updates to the site, so that people can see your availability. You can invite people as contacts, and then based on the trust relationship you’ll get to see more of your presence data.

The integration goes beyond the web. In your mobile phone, you have a Jaiku enriched phonebook that contains presence information of your Jaiku contacts. Now you see immediately whether you should call someone or not.

Jaiku provides also badges for showing your presence on your blog or site.

Check out also Jaiku’s blog, Jaikido, for more information and updates.


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