Jul 23, 2006 Reviews:

Huge children clothing store

The entrance to Nicky & Nelly store is a bit understatement for the shop: it looks like any small boutique door, but the store expands behind corner into a huge space full of clothes, shoes and accessories for children.

Oulu’s Nicky & Nelly
Nicky & Nelly is a chain store, but I’ve never seem them having so much of stuff. Maybe the Oulu franchise is running some extra brands or they just love to stock things. The variety of clothes is excellent, and most of the sizes are available. The shoe selection is very good, too — at least for Finland.

The store is located on the street that has Rotuaari, one block further from the ball statue.

www.nickyjanelly.fi, Kirkkokatu 11, Oulu, Finland, +358 8 563 0200

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1. amy blueberry — Saturday, Dec 13 2008

hey!!! we make wonderous clothes for babies, toddlers, girls, boys, & jrs!!!!! children love to wear our clothes & parents love our 100% washable wear!!!!!xxxxxxxxMrs. Blueberry

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