May 9, 2007 Nomadig, Travelling:

Recommendations for Eurovision Song Contest visitors

If you happen to be in Helsinki for the Eurovision Song Contest and are in need of some advice how to get the best of Helsinki, do not despair.

Check out these places, reviewed and found good by yours truly.

Academic Bookstore, Diesel, Iittala, Ivana Helsinki, Maranello, Nanso, Nina’s, Stockmann, Union Design, Zio

Having a cup of coffee
Café Ekberg, Café Esplanadi, Café Strindberg, Café Succes, JohtoCafe, Wayne’s Coffee

Bar Tapasta, Chez Dominique, Coloroda Mts., Demo, G.W. Sundmans, Havis, Ichiban, La Cocina, La Famiglia, Mecca, Postres, Santa Fe, Sasso, Zetor

Ahjo, Ateljee Bar, Belge

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1. chris — Wednesday, Nov 28 2007

Eurovision was one of the best parts of my trip last summer. I just happend to be in a great berlin hostel which threw a party during the finale. The event even found its way into my travel blog.!! I will probably plan my trips around this show from now on.

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