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October 26th, 2007

Enterprise 2.0: Business in the network

Some of my Finnish readers may know that I’ve been participating in Enterprise 2.0 ebook project. My chapter related to doing business in the network in modern age has now been published. Unfortunately, it is available only in Finnish.

To kitchen and a bit beyond

Welmans is surprisingly well stocked kitchenware store in the Porvoo old town. The small wooden building has been stuffed with quality items, such as Peugeot pepper mills, Le Creuset pans and so forth.

Welmans store in old Porvoo, Finland

The service is friendly and the staff is knowledgeable about the other shops, cafés and restaurants in the region, too. The prices are okay — this is not a bargain store, mind you — and won’t drain your wallet empty. Quality items are more expensive, but you usually don’t have to spend money on the replacements., Välikatu 8, Porvoo, Finland, +358 19 523 0777

Delicacies from the factory store

Brunberg is a traditional chocolate and sweeties maker in Porvoo, established on 1871. Their factory store is located next to the main entrance to the Porvoo old town, and it is an excellent store to stock up for your journey back home.

Brunberg store in old Porvoo, Finland

Most of the products are based on traditional recipes, and some of them are traditions themselves in Finland. Take, for example, Brunberg’s kisses — almost everyone in Finland have eaten them, either as a kid or when using a kid as an excuse to get one for themselves, too.

I recommend trying out kisses, marmalade and liquorice. All of which will just melt in your mouth., Välikatu 4, Porvoo, Finland, +358 19 548 4235

October 18th, 2007

To New York

I’m visiting New York at the beginning of November. Got cheap tickets from Stockmann’s crazy days a week ago, but haven’t been able to write anything here due to extremely high amount of tasks in my work — which is a good thing indeed, but sometimes some private time would be nice…

Anyhow, the tickets were cheap, but all hotels are priced outrageously high. We searched for a suitable hotel for hours, and finally find an excellent and still reasonably priced in The price was in euros and the site in Finnish, so I was not prepared to see 20% additional taxes on the confirmation page.

The site did not tell anything about the taxes before that, so my expectations were managed somewhat poorly. At the end, we decided to get the hotel directly from the hotel’s site — it was easier, cheaper and also cancellation policies were better. I wonder what kind of business is winning?

Old style toys

Riimikko is a fantastic toy store in the Porvoo old town. It specialises in old-time toys, such as wooden cars, traditional puzzles and so forth. You probably don’t find anything that needs batteries or makes sounds.

Old style toys in Riimikko, Porvoo

There are toys from both local artisans and multi-national toy manufacturers alike. Some of the toys are really traditional, designs dating back decades or even centuries, and some are more recent, such as miniature cars from fifties or seventies.

The items are surprisingly inexpensive; I was expecting them to be more pricey, as the shop is in the middle of the heavy tourist area in the Porvoo old town., Välikatu 8, Porvoo, Finland, +358 19 524 5711

Contemporary Finnish design

Design Deli is a charming small boutique selling the top-notch contemporary Finnish designs from a wide variety of designers. It is one of the shops in the Porvoo old town that you definitely should visit.

Design Deli in Porvoo, Finland

The shopkeeper is very friendly and helpful, and knows a lot of the designers, their working methodologies and so forth. Don’t be afraid to ask.

The prices are a bit steep, but there is something for everything, at least budget wise. The shop has clothes, shoes, bags, fabrics, glassware and art, to name a few of the categories. Some stuff goes in between and a lot of them cross boundaries., Jokikatu 41, Porvoo, Finland, +358 40 536 8827

October 5th, 2007

Kämp Galleria at night

I and Sanna visited yesterday evening Kämp Galleria that hosted a loyal customer shopping event. We seem to be really loyal shoppers, as Stockmann invited us as well. Better start to control the money flows…

Anyhow, the place was packed with people donned up to shop. A bit stupid, if you ask me, but on the other hand it is always nice to see people in good gears. Boots, tight trousers and metallic looking shirt was the uniform for ladies. Gentlemen had more varying attitude towards the event.

The second floor of the shopping mall has been renovated and there were quite a number of new exciting shops selling clothes, shoes and accessories.

The Kämp Galleria is in the same building as Hotel Kämp, the only five star hotel in Helsinki. They provided food, and there were also abundant amount of wine served. The food was good, but there were only one table per floor, and queues were at least fifteen minutes long.

It was really odd feeling, to queue for finger food in luxury shopping mall. We decided to sneak in from the other end of the table and managed to get away without queues.

Funnily enough, the only thing that we bought was a hoodie from H&M. Talk about luxury!

Furniture for children

Enfantti is a shop that you see seldom in Finland: they sell furniture for children rooms. There are all kinds of bigger and smaller items for children, ranging from baby years to early teens. They carry also wallpapers and other items needed in renovating a room for a child.

Enfantti in Ideapark, Lempäälä, Finland

The shop sells also accessories of all kinds and some clothing. The service is friendly and knowledgeable, albeit there is only one or two clerks in the store — so personal service might be hard to get during busy hours.

The prices are quite high, as usually for any children stuff in Finland., Ideaparkinkatu 4 (in Ideapark), Lempäälä, Finland, +358 290 908 232