Oct 5, 2007 Life:

Kämp Galleria at night

I and Sanna visited yesterday evening Kämp Galleria that hosted a loyal customer shopping event. We seem to be really loyal shoppers, as Stockmann invited us as well. Better start to control the money flows…

Anyhow, the place was packed with people donned up to shop. A bit stupid, if you ask me, but on the other hand it is always nice to see people in good gears. Boots, tight trousers and metallic looking shirt was the uniform for ladies. Gentlemen had more varying attitude towards the event.

The second floor of the shopping mall has been renovated and there were quite a number of new exciting shops selling clothes, shoes and accessories.

The Kämp Galleria is in the same building as Hotel Kämp, the only five star hotel in Helsinki. They provided food, and there were also abundant amount of wine served. The food was good, but there were only one table per floor, and queues were at least fifteen minutes long.

It was really odd feeling, to queue for finger food in luxury shopping mall. We decided to sneak in from the other end of the table and managed to get away without queues.

Funnily enough, the only thing that we bought was a hoodie from H&M. Talk about luxury!


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