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June 26th, 2008

The sun that never sets, almost

We spent Midsummer once again in my parents cottage in Polvij√§rvi, Northern Carelia. Midsummer, known as “juhannus” in Finnish, is one of the bigger festivities in Finland — almost everyone abandons the cities and go to rural areas to spend some quality time with friends and relatives in tranquility. Some people select being drunk, too. We stick firmly in the first category, and had excellent time off.

The cottage is not that far north in Finnish scheme of places, but it is still quite up there for most of people living outside Finland. So, there no real darkness even in the middle of the night. Sun does set, but it does not go down enough to have complete darkness.

The weather was excellent during the whole extended weekend. There were some rains now and then, mostly minor showers, and then constant sunshine. There were no winds during the evening, which made the lake look superb.

I took a couple of snaps on Thursday evening, a week ago that is, after eleven in the evening.

Sun going down slowly

The time difference between the images is about twenty minutes, but the effect was dramatic. The yellow hues were gradually replaced by orange and red ones, making the landscape darker and somehow more vibrant.

Sun going down slowly
June 10th, 2008

Got my eyes fixed

My glasses were surgically removed last week. I’ve been pondering on this for more than a year, after a couple of my friends (hello to Singapore!) had their eyes operated early 2007. Their positive experiences led me to think of the operation, but to be honest, I was quite afraid of it. Not the procedure itself, but loss of sight. As a web programming house owner, I need to see what people are producing.

After we paid our mortgage late April, I was free to try this — if the worst happened, at least the family would have a proper shelter.

The operation started with a thorough eye examination for making sure that there is nothing remotely risky in the operation. The examination went well and then we were already preparing for the operation.

It was surprisingly easy and unpleasant at the same time. No pain, but the first laser instrument (that makes the flap on the eye) pushes one’s eye pretty hard. Fortunately, there were only two eyes.

Fifteen minutes later I was escorted to a dimly lit room to keep my eyes closed and munch good Fazer chocolate candies. After frequent checks from the nurses, I visited the local pharmacy downstairs and then was examined by the doctor. My eyesight was already good enough to drive a car under laws of Finland. I thought it to be pretty poor and wouldn’t drove a car.

My vision is getting better every day. It is not yet perfect, but quite close. The clarity depends a bit how tired my eyes are. The examination is in three weeks, so hopefully by then I have 20/20 vision. Let’s see.

The eyes have been a bit dry, but not that much. There has been slight sensations of having sand in the eyes, but those go away with proper drops. Today is the last day with antibiotics and tomorrow I can go to sauna. Oh boy, have I been waiting for that?