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July 25th, 2008

Back in Finland

We’ve been back in Finland for four days now, and the daily grind has already started — fortunately a bit more relaxed than usual, as a lot of people are still on holidays.

The rest of our journey was more or less eventless, as I predicted in the previous post. We bathed in pools and on sunshine, relaxing as completely as one can with two small children.

We booked a semi-submarine trip to see the corals with the whole family. That was $140 well spent. The trip took an hour and we saw a lot of coral, fishes and three sea turtles — favourite of Aapo’s. Other than that, we stayed in the resort and the beach.

All good things come to an end; we had to check out at eleven on Sunday morning, and spent the rest of the day lounging in the outdoor areas. Aapo fell into bushes from a beachside hut, and got a fair amount of scratches on his back. Nothing major, fortunately. A lot of crying and a visit to resort’s nurse that covered the wounds with some purple antibiotics cream. The cream stained a couple of shirts pretty well. The whole back looked quite scary, but now everything is again fine and dandy.

The trip back to Finland was also quite easy. Boys slept most of the longer flight. I managed to sleep only twice, total two hours. Maybe I was too relaxed to sleep in the airplane or something. I was irritated and sleepy for the rest of the trip, but managed to drive family back home.

I’ve had a few prebooked happenings early in the mornings this week, and I’m still feeling a bit jetlagged. Boys are too, they have woken up every night between 22 and 1, and have been really eager to climb out of the bed and play. Things are moving to a good direction and hopefully our body clocks catch us soon.

Next week, Sanna and the boys are going to up north. I’ll follow them later that week.

July 17th, 2008

Sunny side up

It has been a while that I’ve given any updates of my life in the blog. In fact, I’ve been on holiday and quite totally restricted myself from using the Internet.

The itch grows every day and I’ve emptied my inbox a couple of times during the past week — mainly due to explosion of my holiday notification that looped over 14 000 messages to my inbox in less than 50 hours.

There is another reason for not writing anything here: the family. Travelling with a toddler and an infant takes its toll, and frankly I haven’t got any free time to write down something. Now, the whole family except me is sleeping and I’ve got my first time alone during the trip. I just finished an excellent book by Stieg Larsson, and the moment just feels right to write notes.

We left Helsinki to Miami via London last week’s Wednesday, so we’ve been on the road for eight days already. Time just flies. The flights were surprisingly easy, Niilo slept a lot and Aapo was somehow content with everything. We transferred through Heathrow’s Terminal 5 — quite impressive building and just okay airport.

On the other hand, arrival to Miami was anything but pleasant. It seems that most, if not all, US airports are really daunting places. Low ceilings, ugly carpets, complex set of corridors without proper signs, and so forth. The passport control was relaxed and for once I somehow felt being welcomed to the country.
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July 5th, 2008

The most expensive glass of Pepsi ever

Wednesday seemed to be one of those normal hectic days at the office; emails were flowing and people were calling me at such a pace that I barely got myself out of the office to grab a sub for lunch.

The atmosphere changed drastically when I tried to savour my lunch between phone calls, and suddenly I knocked off a glass of Pepsi Max to my dear MacBook Air. It was a small wine glass, half full, so not that much of liquid — but it managed to splash shock middle my keyboard.

I instantly turned the laptop over and dried it with a bunch of paper. It seemed to be intact, so I continued working and went to a couple of meetings to a customer. While there, the keyboard started to send extra keypresses, from the QWERTYUIOP row. A dash of letters appeared three times during the afternoon.

When I got home, I plugged in my Time Machine hard disk to backup the system. I also opened Aquamacs to grab the keyboard input. When the backup was over, there were more than three thousand letters in the Aquamacs window. All from the same row.

Other rows had stopped working, too. I tried rebooting, but no avail. External keyboard worked, so I could log in and make another copy of my working files.

The rest of the evening was spent with friends, so I couldn’t worry too much of the computer. Thursday saw me copying files from Air to my old G4 12″. The old laptop wouldn’t recognise the backup disk at all, so I ended up copying 1.2GB of stuff with SCP.

While copying, I also upated Office, Thunderbird, Camino and Adium to newer versions — time seems to take its toll on software pretty fast.

Finally, the copy was ready and I walked to Humac, an Apple reseller and service center a couple of kilometers from the office. I (or Exove in fact) paid extra 75€ to get the system inspected and fixed right away.

They called me later on Thursday, informing that only the keyboard had got wet and changing it would cost 400€. What else can you do but just accept the price?

I gave the permission and they called me on late Friday afternoon. The laptop was fixed and available for picking up. I dashed to the store, got Air back with a shiny new top cover including the keyboard and trackpad.

Maybe I should invest to some kiddy mug or similar that can’t be spilled over…