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January 19th, 2010

Visited Stockholm

We had spent a good and relaxing weekend in Stockholm almost a week and half ago… I’ve been so busy with my work that I haven’t got enough time to write anything about it to Finally, I’ve been able to squeeze a few minutes for Nomadig.

We flew to Stockholm on late Friday afternoon. For the first time, we didn’t take any toys for the boys to the plane, but instead spend the hour watching the scenery underneath. For some odd reason, SAS forgot to bribe them with airplane toys. The surprisingly uneventful flight continued with short train trip to Stockholm city proper, and then we took a taxi to the hotel.

Our hotel was located next to HumlegĂ„rden park in a posh neighbourhood in downtown Stockholm. We managed to visit a few shops before they closed, and I found a pair of jeans that I’ve been searching for a loooong time.

The next day was dedicated to shopping. We visited several stores around the area, and kept the boys in bay with vague promises and threats of going or not going to a toy store at the end of the day. We found more stuff compared to the last visit to Stockholm — then we didn’t find any. Mostly items that are not available in Helsinki.

After an excellent lunch in a local sushi bar we walked a couple of kilometers to Moderna Museet to see a DalĂ­ exhibition. It was surprisingly crowded, and we had some hardships to navigate with two strollers — boys were deftly sleeping throughout the whole trip.

Finally, the moment the boys were waiting for: visits to a video game store and a toy store. We found new Super Mario Bros game for Wii from the first store, and nothing from the second. This was rectified later in NK toy department that had Lego Star Wars sets on sale. The programme for the day ended in the hotel’s roof-top sauna that I visited with the boys.

Sunday was really short day in Stockholm. We woke up before seven, had breakfast, and left the hotel with a taxi to the railway station. The plane left Arlanda around ten o’clock, and we were back in Finland at noon. The rest of Sunday was surprisingly relaxing, as we hadn’t planned anything for the whole day.