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February 22nd, 2010

Winter goes on and on

Helsinki has been blessed with good winter this year. Typically, there is just sleet instead of snow on the ground, and everything is wet and dirty. Not this year; the amount of snow is staggering. For example, I cleaned the yard twice yesterday, and spent about 30 minutes each time pushing the snow from here to there. It is excellent exercise, but feels a bit worn already.

The national railways have had a lot of issues with the snow, and trains on time have been more exceptions than a rule lately. I’ll travel to Joensuu with the boys on Saturday, so hopefully they get their act together before that. People have been waiting several hours at the station for their train, and doing that with two and five year old guys would be torture. Well, that is to be seen on Saturday…

February 7th, 2010

Where next?

We (myself and Sanna, that is) have been pondering on various travel destinations, but haven’t been able to get into any conclusion yet.

The ideal place should be somewhere warm, be kid-friendly and specifically have good children pools, be located near enough, and have something else than just beach and sunshine. Some shopping possibilities or theme / water parks would be additional bonus.

There seem to be no such place. Dubai is a good candidate, but opulence is not the thing that we are looking for now. There are rumours of opening a new Legoland in Dubai during 2011, so we decided to skip it until that theme park is available.

Thailand and south-east Asia in general are good candidates, but the long flights — especially overnight — are cumbersome with the boys. Canary Islands are a tacky destination, but I’ve heard good feedback about them. Unfortunately, there are no direct non-charter flights from Helsinki. Miami would be nice, too, but we’ve been there recently.

How travelling can be so hard? Maybe we should just scrap all the ideas, and go to New York for a while.