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May 16th, 2010

Mini-holiday in Oulu

My life has been recently ultra-busy due to a couple of projects within Exove — maybe more about them in another post. Anyhow, the frequency of my posts in has dropped, and nowadays I need specifically mark some time in my calendar to be able to write something here.

Today, however, is an exceptional day; I’ve been able to do all kinds of auxiliary tasks and even write here without too much distrations. Aapo is swimming with Sanna, and Niilo is napping. This calm day was a result of a mini-holiday in Tuuri and Oulu. We returned home last night, and today has been a day with no agenda nor hurry.

Talking about our trip, we left towards Oulu on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday was a national holiday, and then I used my first holiday day since Christmas on Friday. We drove to Tuuri, a shopping center in middle of nowhere. We’ve been there earlier, so we knew what to expect. We drove around three and half hours in the car, and then spent some time in eating and shopping before checking in to the hotel. As the next day, Thursday, was a national holiday, we spent the time and our money wisely on Wednesday evening.

The logic behind Tuuri works, we arrived there to spend a night and spent around €400 to stuff, groceries, food, accommodation, and gasoline… Everything was a bit cheaper than in Helsinki, so we made a good bargain. But still somehow the final bill was astoundingly big.

On Thursday morning, we continued our journey to Oulu. Sanna has graduated from the University of Oulu, so she has a number of friends in the city. We had two French visits on Thursday, and then had a couple nights accommodation on third couple’s home.

The weather was really magnificent during Thursday and the whole trip. A burst of hot air arrived from Southern Russia to Finland, and the constant sunshine and temperature of 24-27C made the days feel like end of July. We didn’t complain. Kids has extremely good time goofing outside, and we parents could relax in the patio and enjoy grilled food.

I spent half of Friday morning in meetings with customer prospects and potential partners — Sanna met one of her friends and their children in a park while I was gone in the meetings. Rest of the day was spent again on the patio. Saturday was a shopping day, and we met Sanna’s mother in Oulu. I found a few books and more Legos (we bought some already from Tuuri), so the day was a splendid experience shopping-wise.

As the weather was hot, we had decided to leave on Saturday evening, so we don’t get baked in the car. It was a wise decision. Children felt asleep in less than five minutes after igniting the car, and we could drive in piece and quiet for an hour or so. We stopped twice, and were in Espoo around midnight. One of the easiest drives from Oulu ever.

Today, the good weather has continued and we’ve been spending the day in the garden. Not bad holiday, not bad at all.