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July 20th, 2010

Holidays are over

My holidays for the summer are now over, as there are no planned trips and work has already started. The end of July is typically silent time in Finland, so I’ve got plenty of time to work on the items that didn’t receive that much attention during winter. The pace will quicken early August, so there are two weeks to clean the desk.

In fact, I’ve been working for the previous week while Sanna was having her turn with kids in Taivalkoski. Last weekend we had a family reunion in Kuopio, I arrived by train to the city and Sanna drove from Taivalkoski. We spent some quality time in the annual housing fair (Asuntomessut) and found a good BBQ restaurant called Ravintola Hiili. All in all, very relaxing weekend.

Very good BBQ food

Ravintola Hiili is a pretty new restaurant in Kuopio, located on a small and quiet street near the market square. The house itself looks drab, but the restaurant has been fully refurbished lately and designed with style. There is also a small terrace on the inner yard.

As the name implies (Hiili = coal), the restaurant focuses on grilled food. The most of the menu is about various meats, but there are also good salads. The wine list is short, but our wine was excellent — as was the food. The service was good and pretty fast., Käsityökatu 25, Kuopio, Finland, +358 50 441 9445

July 6th, 2010

And the heat goes on

We’ve been on holiday for a few days in Northern Carelia, in my parents cabin by the lake. The weather has been fantastic, constant sunshine from cloudless sky. Temperature is hovering constantly above 25C. Yes, pretty good times.

Our boys have got company from their cousins, and there are five kids five years or less of age. They are somewhat disturbing the peace and quietness of our holidays… Fortunately, they have been able to play together without too much adult supervision.