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September 26th, 2010

London + weekend with no kids

We spent a few nights in London, as stated in the previous update. Both me and Sanna had some business errands to take care in the city, and then we spent the remaining time wisely — mostly shopping and a visit to Cambridge to meet friends and their lovely daughter.

People have asked what we did in London, and I’ve had hardships in answering; I don’t really recall anything special, just shopping, dining, and strolling around the city. Boys behaved pretty well, the hotel was nice, and everything went smoothly. Including also the return flight without Sanna, she stayed in the city a few hours longer due to a seminar. So there was nothing special to remember. In a nutshell, it was an excellent city break.

After returning from London, we were busy working the remainder of the week and impatiently waiting for the weekend — after long pause, the boys were going to visit their cousins and spent night there. I and Sanna had a full day and night only for ourselves.

I dropped off the boys, and then we did some shopping in the city (such as a new laundry bin and other uplifting stuff). We were planning to go to movies at six, but decided to go to an earlier viewing at three. This resulted me driving like a madman from the downtown to Sello shopping mall in Espoo (something like 10 kilometers) to get tickets to the movie. We arrived to the theater ten minutes to the movie, and got the final adjacent seats in the theater. Unfortunately, the seats were so close to the silver screen that my neck hurt the rest of the day.

The movie was Inception. Excellent choice, some thinking and some action. Any less suspension, and I would have fallen asleep from the sleep deprivation from the previous week. My only grievance was the length. Why new movies are so long? Two hours and twenty minutes! I had to take a leak after two hours, and I’m not an old man yet.

September 16th, 2010

To London we go

This autumn is for sure a travel season. We have been busy packing our bags today and yesterday, and now we are ready for the take off tomorrow noon. The destination is the big smoke, and the trip combines both business and pleasure.

Besides the business meetings, we don’t have anything specific planned. Some shopping, a museum or two, and in general laid back time with the family. The only aim we’ve got is to find trendy fashion boutiques, we’ve been so far visiting in internationally renown brand stores, but local and/or obscure designers would be nice to find. I’ll need to start combing the web with Google soon — after I’ve put the kids to the bed.

Leaving things at the last minute is not typical for me, but I’ve been working almost around the clock the clear my calendar for the next days, so tasks wouldn’t haunt me while I’m in the UK. It looks like that this autumn is also a business season, economy seems to be picking up and customers are very interested in Exove’s offerings. Which makes me happy and busy.

September 10th, 2010

A few days in Tallinn

Our travel season started with a trip to Tallinn on last Saturday. After playing hockey with Aapo, we drove to the harbour and sailed to Tallinn on a Linda Line fast boat.

I had some business related items during the weekend, but I could also squeeze in some time with the family. While I was talking business, the rest of the family drove around the old town with Toomas train, and then we had a happy reunion at Uusmaailm street festival — that we needed to leave early, as the boys were too hungry to enjoy the festivities.

We ate the worst burgers ever — do not go to La Boheme — and then spent the rest of the day in the hotel spa. On Sunday, we spent some time in the spa in the morning, then visited Tallinn Zoo, and did some shopping.

The zoo was surprisingly nice. I had heard a lot of horror stories about confined compounds and place looking like a Soviet style prison. Some places were small, yes, but the newer ones were really spacious and well designed to satisfy both the spectators and the animals. There was an upside for the small cages — I’ve never been so close to a tiger or a polar bear, like two meters between us. Fortunately, there were also a fence and not just air.

Sanna took boys back to Finland on Sunday evening, and I spent the rest of my trip having meetings and doing some shopping. Nothing really to elaborate. The return trip on Tuesday evening was also eventless, except that I could read a book without anyone disturbing me — some perks of travelling alone.