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January 31st, 2011

Decisions, decisions

We’ve been pondering on our holiday plans for a while now without any major breakthrough. The problem began when our trip to Japan and Korea was cancelled because of my sickness.

The life has been very hectic — busy due to positive reasons, but busy anyhow — and none of the ideas we’ve been toying around have been lucrative enough. One of the ideas was to go somewhere south where sun is shining, sky is blue, and the ocean is azure. Like Mauritius, Thailand, or Dubai. Unfortunately, all destinations so far have had some issues, either with the location (too far or too central), cost, quality, reviews in Tripadvisor, etc.

I know that all of these sound like excuses — that they are — and we are procrastinating. True.

Finally, yesterday we found quite a good combination that provides both relaxation and action. The cost and the quality are all right, we’ve been there before. The place is a local ski resort near Kuopio, about 450 kilometers north from Espoo. So, we decided to ditch the sun and have a mini-vacation in the cold.

January 19th, 2011

Slush, less busy, travelling in Finland

The winter wonderland has recently become a slush wonderland. The temperature has been hovering just above zero for a week or so now, and everything is either slippery or mushy. Rain, sleet, or wet snow is falling every day from the sky, so weather is quite depressing. A typical Helsinki winter, it seems.

On the other note, I’ve had a couple of evenings off from work. The end of the year typically causes a lot of work related hassles, and running two companies doubles the effort. The situation has got better this week, and I’ve been able to focus on real productive work, and pay attention to not so urgent needs — playing with kids and legos, reading books, etc.

Last year was good for Exove, and this year is hopefully even better. At least it has started way better compared to 2010, and I’ve booked already several trips to customers in Eastern Finland. I’ll get to visit my parent’s home, they meet grandchildren, and some business is conducted. So far, three trips. Maybe more to other destinations — my drive to sell has been quite high recently, so things hopefully start to move even faster.

January 4th, 2011

Going to Tallinn with extended family

I, Sanna, boys, and my parents are going to Tallinn on Thursday (me) and on Friday (everyone else) to stay until Saturday. We were first planning to go already on Thursday (and me on Wednesday), but Tallinn was almost fully booked (!) and we couldn’t get enough rooms from our desired hotel.

The aim is to spend some relaxing time in the medieval city; eat well, visit one museum, shop a little, and spend considerable amount of time in the hotel’s mini-waterpark with good kids’ pool and several different saunas.