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May 30th, 2011

Tomorrow: New York

As I’ve stated earlier, we are going to visit New York for a few days. Everything is now set up; bags are packed, tickets are printed, plans have been made, and check-ins could not be completed. I don’t know why — I’ve got a gut feeling that it is related to booking an American Airlines flight flown by Finnair — but we cannot check-in using Everything went smoothly and the check-in process asked dozens of questions about our destination, passport numbers and what-not, and then failed at the last step.

So, tomorrow we need to leave an hour earlier than we planned. Fortunately, everything except one tiny offer is done work-wise. I need to crunch through that first thing in tomorrow, and then do final adjustments to our travel gear.

I’m quite thrilled about going to New York. It has been almost three years since our last trip, and the city has always had a special place in my heart. The trip should be good.

May 24th, 2011

Going to New York – or not

We — the Kalliola family — are taking a long awaited trip to New York in a week. Or then not, if the ash situation will be magnified to similar scale as one year ago. The previous long haul trip was cancelled due to me being sick, so the trend is worrisome. The trip to Chicago this spring does not count, because Sanna and boys were not there with me.

If ash clouds permit, we will spend six nights in New York, mostly focusing on shopping, visiting museums, and eating well. Should be fun. We’ll see whether we are going to make it or not.