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August 16th, 2011

Preparing for DrupalCon London

My company,, is focused strongly on Drupal, and thus I’m going to London next week to attend to DrupalCon.

I visited the US based DrupalCon in Chicago in March, and it was a really good trip — both in personal sense and business-wise. I’m expecting even more from this trip.

If you are interested in Drupal, then pop over to our booth (#11) to have a chat.

August 8th, 2011

Holidays are over

My holiday ended already a week ago, and I’m now in Tallinn waiting the ship to depart. If Linda Line ships were operating today, I would have been at home already, but all of them were cancelled due to bad weather. It was unarguably a rocky ride to Tallinn this morning.

Anyhow, the rest of our Finnish trip went as pictured in the previous post. We spent one night in Oulu — tested the new Scandic hotel and found it good — and then we drove down south to Tuuri, visiting some friends on the way. Our hotel room in Tuuri was a corner suite, whopping 75 square meters of space, separate bedroom, a bit peculiar sauna, and surprisingly enough a stocked minibar. During the previous stays, the minibar has always been empty. The hotel is transforming into a normal one. Except that it can’t without tearing down the faux castle facade and huge crystal chandeliers — a rare sight in a countryside hotel. Read more about the hotel.

The next day we left quite early after visiting the department store and refuelling the car. Once again, we spent almost 500 € during the time we spent in Tuuri. Veljekset Keskinen seem to know their business. We drove to Tampere and visited a couple of stores before popping over to Ideapark.

Legopark was a bit of a disappointment, I was expecting more models and less marketing material. Niilo and Sanna stayed there while I visited the shops founding almost nothing. The drive back to Helsinki was eventless.

We spent a few days in Helsinki region before the work started. Aapo arrived from Taivalkoski on Sunday with Sanna’s parents that stayed a week with us — such a blessing with small kids. Niilo started in a new kindergarten closer to our home and Aapo is anxiously waiting for the preschool to start. Our babies are growing up fast.