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February 29th, 2012

Travel updates

As you might guess, I’ve been busy living the life of a family man — thus, no updates here.

Anyhow, I’ve been able to travel a couple of times since the last post. I visited DrupalCXO in Amsterdam at the end of January, and also popped over to Taivalkoski for two winter sport days.

Amsterdam trip was excellent! It was really good to see the people in the Drupal community face to face, and we had really good discussions. Also the restaurants were a tad better compared to the previous meet-up at Brussels.

I spent my nights in CitizenM hotel near Schiphol Airport, and it was wonderfully weird modern experience — like combining a boutique hotel with a Japanese capsule hotel. You should definitely try it out.

Taivalkoski trip was ordinary one. My family left there one day earlier, and I flew to Oulu the following day. I spent some time doing business there — my company has a couple of clients from Oulu nowadays — and then took a bus to Taivalkoski.

Busy week took its toll, and I had to fight real hard not to fall into sleep for the last 30 minutes of the journey. When I arrived, I was ushered to the nearby skiing slopes with my sons. Fortunately, fresh air wiped away drowsiness, and I actually enjoyed the evening quite much. After skiing two hours, sauna, and a good meal I hit the bed and was asleep before my head touched the pillow.

The next day was spent also on pistes, mostly with Aapo — he is very good skier for his age, and fun to ski with. I skied also with Niilo that still wears reins, so that the adult can control his speed.

After two wintery days, I, Sanna and Seela (that’s the name of our precious daughter, by the way), visited some friends in Oulu before I flew back to Helsinki to work, work, work while Sanna and the kids enjoyed the winter.