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March 12th, 2012

Skiing trip in Eastern Finland

I took a day off on Friday and headed to my parents in Eastern Finland with the whole family. This was the second trip for our baby girl, Seela, and she was fortunately very easy to travel with.

We left Espoo on Thursday afternoon just before the traffic jams and had almost open road to the very end. We arrived just in time for a quick sauna and then put the kids in the bed.

Friday was a clear and sunny day, temperatures around -5C. We visited Maarianrinteet skiing center, around 30 kilometers from my parents. Seela slept throughout the ordeal and boys had fun on the slopes — Aapo learned to ride a lift with snowboard and Niilo had enough guts to ride big slopes without reins. I and Sanna had plenty of fun, too. Maarianrinteet is quite compact ski resort with less than ten slopes and vertical drop of 140 meters. The pistes were in excellent condition and there were virtually no queues.

On Saturday we headed to Koli that has the highest and steepest slopes in southern Finland. The resort has been built inside a national park — before it was a national park — and cannot expand itself anymore. There is only a few slopes and two lifts. The vertical drop is 230 meters and the longest slope is 1500 meters. I took both boys up with T-bar lift and then promptly skied down. Niilo used reins on the first ride and then had enough courage to come down on his own — a feat for four year old.

Boys took turns in visiting the cafĂ© in which Sanna was spending time with Seela. In the meanwhile I took the other guy up and down. It took almost 20 minutes for one ride — no queues, just long slopes — so we managed to squeeze only seven rides to two hour ticket. Despite that, my legs were shaking while we were driving back to my parents, as skiing with a kid in reins takes its toll on the knees.

All in all, very good trip skiing-wise. As an icing on the cake, we had a French visit in Kuopio to meet Sanna’s brother and sisters-in-law.