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June 25th, 2012

Summer plans

Once again, summer is here and soon it is time for annual holidays. The spring has been so busy that I haven’t been able to make almost any plans at all, but now it is a good time.

We boug a summer cottage last week, so one week goes there cutting down the trees and other foliage. The lot has been unattended for half a decade, so there’s plenty to do. My parents arrive for a few days, so I’ll work on the trees with my dad.

Another week needs to be spent in Finland. We have made plans to go to Taivalkoski, to see Sanna’s parents, and then we’ve reserved a short trip to a new spa in Lappeenranta, near Finnish-Russian border.

This leaves one week of my holiday (I’m using only three of the usual four now) for something else, but what? I’ve been dreaming on going to New York, but haven’t been able to actualise the plans. On the other hand, it could be nice not to do anything. Options, options…

June 11th, 2012

Popped over to Digital Shoreditch in London

I spent one really interesting day in GROWTH day in Digital Shoreditch Festival in London at the end of May. I’ve been visiting start-up events in Finland and also worked in a couple of start-ups during my career, so it was fun to see how Brits approach the theme.

The event was really fast-paced with a lot of small workshops around various topics, such as sales, PR, HR, etc., and success stories from entrepreneurs on various stages of business.

Later at the day I also popped over to London Drupal pub meet in Square Pig near Holborn tube station. If you are visiting London at the end of a month, consider checking the meet-up. A lot of good people and excellent discussions.