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August 20th, 2012

DrupalCon in Munich

I’m writing this in my hotel room in MotelOne Sendlinger Tor, Munich. I’m here due to DrupalCon that will begin tomorrow. Today is our booth building day and I’ve got also a couple of meetings — and one telco in half an hour.

As the timetable will be ready hectic until Thursday evening and my flight back to Helsinki, I arrived already on Saturday morning. Early morning — my flight left at 6.35. As I’ve been in the city for three weeks in summer 2010, I didn’t need to waste my time orientating myself. Instead, I walked from shop to shop on Saturday — and with a pure chance visited a shoe store that happened to have pair of sneakers that I’ve been looking for for two years.

Everything commercial is pretty much closed on Sundays, so I visited local museum of modern art. The weather has been really warm, so I spent the hottest hours inside in the hotel and ventured out again in the evening to get some food.

As you’ve probably noticed from lack of updates, I’ve been busy at work and with our holiday cottage project. Exove launched a new website and opened an office to London, so my hands have been full. It seems that I’m able to post only when travelling nowadays…

Anyhow, regarding our Finland travelling that I wrote on the previous entry: we spent one day in Turku, visited the castle where boys were knighted on a tour (highly recommended, albeit in Finnish only), and did some shopping.

In Tampere, we visited Särkänniemi amusement park and the boys were really thrilled about Angry Birds Land. The heart of the land is a big climbing area and they were more interested in it than the rides. I mostly pushed Seela’s stroller and took photos.

The trip was maybe a bit too short, as we missed some shops and other interesting places in both cities, and boys (and parents) got cranky from time to time. Maybe one more night would have solved that.