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October 20th, 2012

Lego fair in Ilmajoki

I’ve been participating — with my son Aapo, brother-in-law Juha and his sons Onni & Eino — to Lego building fair held annually in Ilmajoki, around 350 kilometers up north from Espoo.

This year was no exception and we spent two days with Legos and other manly things.

Aapo had built a few buildings of his own this year, and he was pretty nervous throughout the preceding week. My younger son Niilo was not so keen to join us — until the very last moment, like 45 minutes before we were to leave towards Ilmajoki on Saturday morning. I’ve never seem him so disappointed when I had to tell that there is no space in the car for him — it broke my heart. Fortunately, four years old seems to have a short memory and he was lured to rent a movie with Sanna. These “big boy” things are pretty handy to help preschoolers to change their mind.

The trip was pretty easy, boys have been growing up it seems, and we were at Ilmajoki without major incidents. Setting up our buildings took half an hour, nothing was fortunately broken badly down on the road. Boys were building new stuff from the bricks provided by organisers and adults were socialising.

We left quite early to have a dinner and sauna in Seinäjoki, the bigger town in the region. Surprisingly enough, we had to wait quite a bit for our table and the boys got to sit in a bar with coke in their glasses — based on their cluelessness, it was the first time for everyone. The food was good and there was plenty of it. The rest of the evening was spent digesting it and we had no further adventures.

The fair opened on Sunday at 12.00, so we killed time by going to the local swimming hall — in which Aapo learned to actually swim! Before Aapo was able to dive, but couldn’t get his head up for breathing and thus the distance he could go was not very long. It didn’t grow exponentially yet, but hopefully soon he’ll be able to swim 25 meters — the official measurement in Finland for ability to swim.

The fair was on the first page of the local newspaper and was crowded when we arrived. We met some old and some new friends, bought self-picked pre-owned Lego bricks by the weight, and had generally good time.

When the clock hit six in the evening, we spent less than ten minutes to pack our stuff, and headed to our car and towards Helsinki. After four hours of intense driving, we were back at home.

Aapo promptly dismantled his buildings on Monday. Mine are still unpacked.

Some photos of the event can be found in my Flickr set.