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December 31st, 2012

Excellent skiing in harsh weather

We stayed this Christmas with my parents in Polvijärvi. Our aim was to pop over to two local downhill skiing resorts, but the cold weather almost ruined our plans.

It was around -25C two days before Christmas, and the following day didn’t look any more compelling. Fortunately, the weather forecast changed during the night and it was only -17C in Koli, the bigger of the slopes.

Only Aapo (seven years) and myself were brave enough to confront the coldness and we set on our way to Koli — around 50 kilometers. The thermometer of the car showed temperatures around -25C to -30C on the way, and I kept thinking that it must be warmer higher. But nothing changed, it was -26C at the slopes.

We bravely unpacked our gear, bought the tickets, and went up. The slopes were almost empty, in excellent condition, the sun was shining, and there was no wind. It would have been a paradise without the coldness. We were able to make two runs before going inside to warm up, and then again two runs before deciding to have hot cocoa in the café. After that, again two runs and that’s it.

Fortunately, the runs are pretty long (1000-1500 meters) in Koli and we actually spent around two hours there. We could have been longer, but my toes and fingers were killing me. Aapo was fine.

While driving back, I decided that I need to study and find proper equipment for such harsh environment. Warmer socks, better gloves and something for the face. Otherwise I was cool — er, warm.

When we arrived back to Polvijärvi, my dad had heated sauna and oh boy, did it felt heavenly.