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January 30th, 2013

Sick in London

I had the pleasure of visiting London for a few days at the beginning of this week. I flew in on Sunday morning and got back yesterday evening.

My flight left in early morning and I woke up at the middle of night to the sound of vomiting. My wife had caught a stomach bug. I felt pretty great and continued my way to the airport and then to the plane. For some reason, I didn’t feel too hungry during the flight and just dozed on and off. The tube trip from Heathrow to Earl’s Court was okay, too, and I found the hotel with no problems.

I, fortunately, got my room early and went to rest for a few minutes on the bed — just to wake up an hour later with an impeding need to rush to the toilet. The rest of the day was spent in hugging the toilet seat and laying in the bed.

I got a bit better by the evening and managed to venture to the nearest grocery store to buy some food and water. I had only Pepsi and Fanta at the hotel and after vomiting them I just couldn’t bear drinking anything with sugar that night. Maybe the hotel tap water would have been okay — at least in principle London water is potable — but I was in no mood to take extra risks.

Due to sickness, I had to scrap all my plans for shopping on Sunday and had to rush through the most needed items on my list in early Monday morning before my meeting parade started.

I felt weak for the rest of Monday, but could pull the day off until 10PM. I was actually hungry for the first time on Tuesday morning — always a good sign after a stomach bug — but I’m still feeling a bit weak three days after the incident.

Cannot recommend this to anyone.