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March 31st, 2013

A week in Lapland

I’m writing this entry on a night train, on the top bunk in our cabin while the family is sleeping. This is not very comfortable, so I need to be brief.

We spent eight days in Ylläs, the biggest skiing resort in Finland – very similar holiday as the previous skiing trip on Easter 2012. Again, we drove our car to the train and spent most of the time sleeping — very convenient way of travelling, especially when you have a full size bed.

The weather was most of the time excellent, a couple degrees below zero. We got a five centimeter snow drop on one morning, and it was really fun to ski in a fresh snow. It was not exactly powder, as wind packed it in tight. Aapo actually fell once when he though to ski through the snow and it actually threw him in the air.

I and both sons rode snowboards on several days. The youngsters were way faster to learn, so I’m probably the worst board rider in the family. Sanna tried out telemark skis and fell in love, so we ended up buying a pair on the final day.