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April 28th, 2013

Visited Barcelona

I popped over to Barcelona a couple weeks ago to join other Drupal agencies in Drupal CXO event. As usual, the days were filled with good conversations, a lot of old and new friends, and Drupal related business. The warm weather and the excellent food — especially on the first lunch — set this CXO apart from the two others I’ve visited.

I’ve been in Barcelona for a couple of times before and I really dig the city. This time, however, I had around 30 minutes time to stroll in the city center before joining the CXO dinner. I was — and still somewhat are — fully booked due to a couple of clients, so I spent most of my times either in the CXO or coding at my hotel. I also coded all the time I could while flying through Dortmund to Barcelona and Frankfurt to Helsinki. I did meet the deadlines, so it was worth of it.