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May 31st, 2013

Summer holiday ponderings

Summer is soon here and Finland is currently enjoying record breaking temperatures — albeit only in Lapland, capital region is just warm.

I’ve had an itch for travelling for some weeks already, and I seem to be unable to scratch it properly. I’ve been hanging around travel sites an hour a day, but I can’t find anything really catching.

One plan — currently the default one — is to drive to Estonia (with ferry, not through Russia) and spend a few days in Pärnu and Saaremaa. Most probably very idyllic places with little stress. Good food and hopefully also good weather.

Another alternative would be to go to the Central Europe, for example, to Munich (and Legoland), but I don’t find it very inspiring. I just visited Barcelona and will go to Prague in September to visit DrupalCon.

London is always nice and we had a plan to go there with my parents and my sister’s family, but my parents decided to go to Greece instead. This is probably the reason for my itchiness. And anyhow, I’ll visit London on business quite frequently.

Then I’ve been scanning US and Canada, either through Iceland or directly, but nothing good has been found. There was one idea of going to Las Vegas and Grand Canyon, but the temperature hovers around 40C in July and that is probably too hot for everyone except me.

Finland is an option, too. We have been pondering on going to Ahvenanmaa archipelago. Never been there and it should be a place like no other in Finland — people are mono-lingually Swedish speaking and have their own culture.

Soon we need to do some decisions, as I would like to avoid spending the whole summer either home or in our summer cottage.