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June 30th, 2013

Two first summer trips

Finland has enjoyed exceptionally good weather for the most of the summer — temperatures are high and raining is scarce.

I’ve been enjoying the weather mostly by working, but there have been a couple short trips in Finland during June.

As you might already know, the midsummer is a big festival in Finland. Almost everybody goes to close to water. We had our festivities in Northern Carelia, on my parents’ cottage on the shores of lake Höytiäinen.

The trip was almost cancelled by a stomach bug; both our boys were sick on Thursday, the day of travelling, and we decided to postpone the trip by a day. Friday is the day, so we pondered our chances and got enough guts to make the six hour car trip.

Everything was fine and dandy on Friday, but I got sick at night and suffered really terrible stomach flu for the whole Saturday and half of Sunday. My midsummer festivities consisted mostly of sleeping, but fortunately everyone else had fun.

I got back to Espoo by train on Sunday, not the best train ride of my life, but fortunately got better by evening. Sanna and the rest of the family continued to Taivalkoski, and I spent my days working.

We had a family regathering here in Oulu on yesterday morning. I flew here — the taxi trip from home to Helsinki airport actually cost more than the ticket with Norwegian. We’ve spent our time here socialising with friends, buying Legos from sales, and spending some quality time in Nallikari beach. The weather was not very beach-like, humid and cold, but we had really good football match — boys against fathers. They won us.

Tomorrow, we head back to Helsinki region through Jyväskylä. Six to seven hours in car, and then we are home.