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October 31st, 2013

London called

Aapo had a couple of days mid-term holiday in the middle of October, and we got surprisingly inexpensive trip to London, including flight tickets and accommodation, so we popped over to spend four days — Thursday to Sunday — there.

As usual, we had to get up early — five at the morning — to catch the flight. Our initial plan was to go to the airport and visit a loung for breakfast. The place was packed and the queues to security check were longer than I’ve ever seen in Helsinki-Vantaa. For a short time, we had a nagging feeling that not eating breakfast was a mistake, but fortunately the queue moved forward with Finnish efficiency, and we had enough time for a fast breakfast in Finnair lounge.

Both I and Sanna were a bit tired from the daily grind and the children were too excited about travelling, so almost the whole trip was a nightmare — telling someone to behave every five minutes or so.

So one can guess how glad we were in Novotel hotel when the staff told that there is too many guests (five) for their rooms. Every staff member in the lobby was French and thus we were not apologised or even told about any options. Fortunately, a senior member of staff handled the situation and checked whether we thought that we could fit into the room without issues. It was not even a small room, so we beamingly accepted.

Children continued to horse around also during lunch and Seela was so fussy that we were thinking just going back to hotel and staying the evening in. I had a couple business meetings, so we dragged ourselves to the city — and gradually the children started to behave a bit better.

Friday was spent in Legoland Windsor. We’ve been there once before, so the park was not that magical experience as in the first time, but we had really good time and could reset the hassles of the previous day.

On Saturday we went to shopping and tactically left Lego shop as the last one, so the children behaved very well, and everyone had surprisingly good time considering that shopping is not the favourite hobby for our guys. I bought a couple books and some clothes, and guys got Legos. Good saldo for the day.

We visited natural history museum on Sunday morning. There were no entrance fees and the museum steadily filled with people the whole morning. When we were leaving, there were long queues also inside the museum to dinosaurus exhibition, so we had the perfect timing — virtually no queues and minimum waiting before the museum opened.

Our plane was due to leave at 18:40 and as there was nothing to do, we decided to go to the airport early. That was a mistake that we found when we were there. British Airways accepts baggage drops only two hours before the flight, so we killed a couple of hours before being able to check the baggage and go through the security. And as a cherry on top, the lounge we were trying to get in was full, and we were denied access. Fortunately, we didn’t have too much time to spend anymore, so after buying some groceries and candies, it was time to go to the plane.

The kids promptly fell asleep on the plane and woke up without major incidents in Helsinki, walked to the car, slept while driving home, and went peacefully to their beds. This process was in stark contrast against Thursday hassles, but I didn’t complain.