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April 29th, 2014

Skiing holiday in Ylläs

As in earlier years, we spent our Easter and week before it in Ylläs, the biggest ski resort in Finland (measured by vertical elevation, not number of beds — that would be Levi).

This has become sort of a tradition, as it was our third year in a row. Easter was quite late this year, and the weather was mostly excellent. A bit too warm for good skiing, but still okay and even splendid during early mornings.

I bought a new set of skis and boots just before going to the trip and it was an excellent decision. My previous skis are designed for fast skiing down pistes and the new ones are way better in powder and off-piste. I ended up skiing almost more outside of the pistes, as the typically hard wind-packed snow melted a little and it was buttery soft.

Aapo, our oldest — nine, mastered snowboarding so well that could come quite steep slopes from the top. He started only a couple of years ago and this year it somehow clicked and he learned really quickly. My snowboarding is futile compared to him and even Niilo, six, is better than I am.

Sanna and Seela spent most of the time with cross-country skiis, Seela in sledge. She tried also some downhill skiing, but next year is probably the breakthrough year for her, as she will be three then.

Very relaxing holiday all in all. Next year, we’ll go together with my parents. It will be interesting and fun.