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May 30th, 2014

Summer road trip

We’ve nailed down the details for our “epic” summer road trip. As a five member family with small children, the epicness is a relative concept.

Anyhow, we’ll leave Helsinki on the last Friday of June and drive to Tuuri to visit Veljekset Keskinen shopping center in the middle of nowhere and spend one night at their hotel. We’ve visited there now and then, typically en route to Oulu. There is not much to see or do there, but the whole place is so extravagant and built with with no taste, so it is quite interesting experience.

On Saturday, we go to Power Park, an amusement park near Tuuri and spend the day there. The accommodation is in Pietarsaari, Hotel Epoque. Never been there, but the hotel looked nice on their web page and we got big enough room for everyone.

The trip continues to the sandy beaches of Kalajoki and the holiday house fairs that we’ve frequented in the past years. We are building a holiday home for ourselves, so Sunday is reserved for gathering ideas. From there, we drive to Ylivieska to pop over Kärkkäinen department store — they sell the cheapest Legos in Finland.

And finally, we drive to Oulu at Sunday evening, spend a night at friends’ house, and then I fly back to Helsinki after working a full day at my company’s Oulu office. Sanna and children will drive to Taivalkoski to visit the grandparents for a week.

We will have a family reunion in week, just before Helsinki Cup starts here in Helsinki.