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November 29th, 2014

Christmas in New York

We have been dreaming of spending Christmas in New York, and finally it is happening this year! We booked our flights already a few months ago, got a nice apartment in Brooklyn from AirBnB, and bought a load of Christmas presents to kids from Amazon and other places.

We will land quite near Christmas Eve – that is the biggest day of celebration in Finland and when also Santa Claus visits homes. We are not planning of importing a Finnish Santa to New York nor following American traditions of presents given on Christmas Day – but need to figure out something that combines both.

Our kids have been a bit worried whether Santa founds us from Brooklyn, but they’ve discussed that only with their grandparents so far – maybe they’ll worry more later and discuss with me or Sanna, or then it is just a minor fear; as they have unlimited faith in Santa’s abilities. We’ll see.

We’ve planned to visit local IKEA to buy Swedish Christmas food that is quite close to Finnish Christmas offering, and then loot some high-end grocery store for the rest. Chocolate and candies need to be carried from Europe, as US selection sucks – and imported stuff is very pricey.

Besides spending Christmas there, we’ll go to a museum or two, and I’ve also booked a couple tickets to an NHL game in New Jersey. I’ll go there with my oldest son (nine), who has been playing hockey for five years now. I do hope that it is worth the small fortune I paid for the tickets.