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December 28th, 2014

New York Travelogue

As said last month, we booked a trip to New York for Christmas. I’m writing this post from our absolutely fabulous Airbnb flat in DUMBO, Brooklyn. For the unitiated, DUMBO is the hottest area right now in NYC, rough post-industrial area near southern Manhattan that is experiencing gentrification as we speak. There is a lot of old industrial buildings that are transformed into flats and offices, and also some new big buildings are being built. The area has not yet lost its rough edges, so it is quite an experience of old and new.

This is also the first time I’ve ever stayed in Brooklyn instead of Manhattan. Very refreshing change, especially when Manhattan is just across the East River.

To be frank, we’ve spent most of our time in Manhattan – shopping, visiting Guggenheim, ice skating in the Central Park, and so on. It is still the epicenter of New York. But, we’ve also visited the transport museum here in Brooklyn, and also spent money in the local shops. Tomorrow morning, we’ll have an American breakfast / brunch in a Brooklyn restaurant – and we are actually not going to Williamsburg, but staying in Brooklyn downtown.

I’ve also learned something new about New York City, as it was news to me that Brooklyn was an independent city until late 19th century. It would be the fourth largest city in the USA right now. It dawned to me while walking on Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan that it connects the Brooklyn and New York city halls.

Maybe we need to get accommodation from the Bronx, Queens or Harlem next time – gaining new perspectives to older knowledge has been very fascinating.

We will stay here a few more nights and fly back to Finland just before the end of the year. I’ll try to write more about the trip when back at home.