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April 13th, 2015

Ylläs travelogue

As stated in the previous entry, we spent our Easter holiday in Ylläs together with my parents. I was so busy having time out that I didn’t write anything from the fell, but now it is good time to fill that gap.

The train trip was easier than last year, as we now had two cabins instead of one. A cabin has maximum of three beds, so five people makes it quite crammed – albeit still tolerable. Now we had a luxury of everyone having their own bed, and two cabins also reduced the hassle the kids created, as they were mostly divided between the two cabins.

All snow had melted from the Helsinki region, so it was wonderful to wake up amidst snowy landscape. Unfortunately, it snowed almost every day and both crosscountry and downhill skiing were not that fun in a new snow.

Snowing meant that it was cloudy most of the time, we got only a few hours of sunshine during the whole eight days. And the clouds were really, really low, shadowing the peak of Ylläs. It was like skiing in a very dense fog, and you had to keep the speed down, as you couldn’t see the ground very far and everything was milky white.

Actually, we got only a couple of runs that the peak was clear – those were really wonderful and the contrast was extremely high between misty and clear conditions.

So we spent a lot of times on lower part of the fell. Sanna, my parents and the kids skied a lot on the tracks. We also went to the spa and bowling, and had tons of fun.

For the last few days, Sanna’s university friend and her family come over. They have kids of the same age as we do, so it was truly fun to ski together. The kids participated in a couple of contests, and Aapo won one of them with snowboard – the prize was a huge load of candy in a backbag.

The sun started shining on the day we left. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to hit the slopes. Instead, we drove to the other side of the fell to do some shopping and eat pizzas before driving to the train station.

The return train trip was also very easy, except that we had to woke up 6.30 in the morning to disembark the train and pick up our car. There is a later train that would allow a) hitting the slopes in the morning and b) waking up in less ungodly hours. For some reason, we have never been able to book tickets to that one. We are either too early (the train does not exist yet) or too late (it is already full). Every year I say “maybe next year” and then promptly fail. So maybe next year.