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September 29th, 2015

DrupalCon Barcelona

I spent the previous week in sunny Barcelona – albeit mostly inside in CCIB conference center – as my company Exove participated in DrupalCon Barcelona as a Diamond sponsor.

DrupalCons are held once a year in Europe, and also in America and Asia. So, attending to DrupalCon has been an autumn tradition for the past five years or so for me.

Barcelona was by every means an excellent city to host the event. Good weather, excellent architecture, fabulous food, and working infrastructure makes it an ideal destination.

Unfortunately I had quite a bad flu the whole week. It actually started like two weeks before the trip and I was constantly coughing and sneezing. Some days were better and some worse, but I felt a bit sick every day. Not so much to stay in the bed, but just having a constant headache and so forth.

Anyhow, I flew in on early Sunday morning – the flight left Helsinki airport at ungodly hour of 6.15 in the morning and I was already at the city at 9.00. Most of our people – eleven in total – would come on Monday and leave on Friday, so we had reserved a big apartment for everyone of us. I had to pad my stay for a night on both ends, as I bought extremely cheap tickets from Stockmann’s crazy days. And then upgraded myself to business both ways using Finnair’s campaign. I probably had the cheapest business class seat on both of my flights.

I had reserved a room for one night at both ends (Sunday-Monday and Friday-Saturday) from a boutique hotel through What I didn’t notice when doing the reservation that the hotel was a gay hotel. Albeit heterofriendly. Frankly, I was a tad shocked at first, but found that it was actually quite a good hotel. The only cues for the orientation were pictures of tanned and very muscular lads without shirts in all hotel advertisements.

I spent Sunday strolling around the city quite aimlessly. I decided to go to Picasso Museum, but the queue was like hundred people and it moved really slowly. So I ended up coding in my room. This is the downside of visiting cities that you’ve been in several times already.

Monday to Thursday was DrupalCon. A lot of meetings, a couple excellent dinners, and standing at our booth. I was quite drenched on Thursday evening.

I rented a car on Friday and drove to Andorra. I’ve never been there before and this was like a good day to pop over. The drive took around three hours in one direction and then I spent a couple of hours in the small country. It seemed to be a tax-free haven, but I ended buying only a can of Diet Pepsi.

On Saturday I flew back to Finland. There was a warning for an air controller strike for Saturday, but fortunately it was cancelled.

I spent Sunday mostly sick at home and then visited doctor on Monday – sinusitis on both sides. Now I’m on antibiotics and hopefully getting better.

The next trip is to New York to speak in eZ Conference at the beginning of November.