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December 21st, 2015

December Travels

I’ve been travelling somewhat during December and with good reasons – been celebrating Christmas and ending of the year with my company’s staff.

My first stop was Tampere, a couple hours car drive north from Helsinki. So, it was just a short trip – but quite eventful. We ended debugging one of systems we’ve been developing for a client of ours while driving back to Helsinki. Fortunately, Finland has excellent 4G coverage and work could continue the whole time.

The next place was Tallinn. One can pop over there from Helsinki in a day, but I had more errands to run, so I spent one night in the beautiful city. Of course, being on a business trip I focused on either my meetings or my laptop.

The last leg was Oulu. This was a bit more special, as I took my middle child with me. He and his cousin are of same age and play very well together. So, I entertained him for a few hours while working before his cousin’s family picked him up. I spent my night there, too, and then met some friends over their house. All in all, very relaxing trip.

We will spent Christmas home, my parents are coming to stay for a few nights.