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January 31st, 2016

Little Travels

My life has been quite quiet for the past month or so. Since the last update just before Christmas, we have visited Tallinn with the whole family and then I spend one day and night in Kajaani, northern Finland.

The Tallinn trip was a Christmas present from me to the whole family. Quite basic trip, ferry to and fro and one night in SwissĂ´tel Tallinn. The kids loved the whole affair and it was quite relaxing for us adults, too.

We visited the best Japanese restaurant, Tokumaru, and the best burger joint, The Estonian Burger Factory. Both were truly excellent. As the trip was quite low-key, we just strolled around the city and spent time in SwissĂ´tel spa area.

I visited Kajaani for a sales trip on a Friday at the end of the month. I’ve never been actually in the city, just drove past it and spent one weekend in a demo party in a school back in nineties. So, the city was a new experience for me.

Kajaani is not a big city, it has around 35 000 people, but the nearest bigger city is about 200 kilometers away, so the city is a local hotspot.

The city centre has very nice Bauhaus vibe, as the main shopping street has lot of buildings with uniform modern style. Apparently it has been demolished during the WW2 and then rebuilt.

As there is not that much to do in Kajaani (or at least I didn’t find them), I ended up working in my hotel room and then doing some shopping before departing on Saturday. Everything was so conveniently close. Living in a small town has it perks compared to Espoo and Helsinki. But still I would not move there.