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February 23rd, 2016

London Calling – with Credit Card Surcharge

I’ll be travelling to DrupalCamp London on the first Saturday in March. My wife and oldest son are in Riga, Latvia, in a football tournament, so I’ll take my two youngest children with me.

I got dirt cheap tickets from British Airways, €56 one way – leaving from Helsinki in the morning and returning at very late evening. So very good offer.

Still, I got somewhat bitter taste into my mouth from the reservation experience. The three tickets and all kinds of fees cost me total €297.66. Quite nice price for three people to pop over to London. Unfortunately, on top of that, I had to pay €22.50 credit card surcharge. That is whopping 7.56%. I’ve used to pay like 1-2% surcharges, sometimes a bit more when I pay with American Express – but 7.56% is like out of this world. And that was for all credit cards and also PayPal. It felt fishy enough to warrant writing a rant in the blog.

Maybe that’s the item in which British Airways make their profit? Or maybe they are counting that people can’t do percentage calculations. Or that people grudgingly pay – alas, I did – and be done with it.

Now I’m thinking that British Airways ripped me off – albeit their price for the flights was truly unbeatable. Was making a semiloyal customer angry and sad worth of extra 5.56 percentage points – or €16.55? Probably not.