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May 31st, 2016

No travels in May

This past month was surprising quiet on travel front, no trips whatsoever.

Instead, two major things happened – and preparing for them have kept me busy. First, my company – Exove – had ten year birthday. The party was a blast, had really good time. Some photos of the event can be found in Flickr.

The other major happening was that we got the permission to take our summer house into use. We purchased a summer house five years ago and decided to dismantle the old building and build a new one. Almost five years later, we finally got it ready enough to move in. I’ve blogged about the process in my other blog (in Finnish, though) at

On travel front, I’ll pop over to Tallinn for business in early June and then spend a week in Pula, Croatia with the whole family. Looking forward to these.