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June 30th, 2016

Tallinn – Lohja – Pula

As mentioned in May, I spent a couple of days in Tallinn. The whole trip was business, business, business, so not much to tell you about it. This time I took my car with me to visit a bit more remote office and to bring some drinks back home to our new summer cabin.

The trip was uneventful – I’ve sort of started to like these kind of trips when growing older. Still, it was fun to drive around Tallinn and suburbs in our convertible (Peugeot 307 CC, nothing that fancy) with roof open. Tallinn was pampered by a heat wave, so convertible was a very good choice.

After that trip I’ve been working like a dog. We did spend the midsummer in our new cabin with extended family – two brother-in-laws and one cousin of our children were there with us.

We either lazed around or then did some remaining construction work, such as cleaning the site or improving the garden.

Day after tomorrow we hit the road again, the destination is Pula, Croatia. We were two years ago in Slovenia, so my expectations about good food and quality time are very high. I’ll write more about the trip during July.