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July 31st, 2016


Our whole family was on holiday during July. We had bought inexpensive flights to Pula, Croatia already early in the spring and set off on Saturday right after the last working day.

The trip was excellent. The flight was short and we could spend some quality time in Helsinki airport lounge and enjoyed their surprisingly good food before buying some candies and drinks for the flight. We had booked an airport transfer to and fro the hotel, so there was a guy waiting for us at the airport.

We had booked a duplex apartment with a sea view from Park Plaze in Verudela, a small peninsula a few kilometers from Pula city centre. The pool was close by and there were also several restaurants, a good grocery store, and an excellent ice cream parlour in the area. So we ended up staying all but two days in the area, just splashing in the pool, lounging in the sun, and reading books.

The first excursion was to Pula centre. There is a Roman era amphitheatre and it was truly worth the visit. Very well preserved and not crowded. After visiting it, we just strolled around. Had a good meal – all meals were good in Croatia – and enjoyed ice cream. Got back to hotel and went to pool.

The second trip was to Rovinj, a medieval town about 40 kilometers north from Pula. It is exceptionally beautiful town, narrow streets and breathtaking views to the sea. Again, excellent food in a local pizzeria and the best ice cream during the whole trip. And then back to the pool after the trip. We did swim in the sea, too.

Croatia is a good destination to visit. It is inexpensive – not cheap, but inexpensive – food is good, and service is great. Not just courteous, but quick. No waiting, no hassles, no touting. Works very well with children.