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October 31st, 2016

Family Day in Oulu

I visited Oulu briefly during the weekend to participate on Exove’s family day at our Oulu office.

Due to the prices of the flights and other practical stuff, I left Helsinki after business hours and arrived to Oulu just to have a burger and then do rest of my work at the hotel.

The family day was on Saturday. We met at our Oulu office that got quite cramped due to number of kids, spouses and parents present. It was so good to see some of the most important people of our staff and to discuss with them. Once again, this gives a lot of meaning to me.

After a short speech and a couple demoes accompanied with coffee and buns, we left to Superpark. The lunch at the park was surprisingly good and it gave a lot of energy for the people visiting the activity park itself.

For those who don’t know anything about Superpark: the indoor activity park has number of different areas to do various activities and it is guaranteed to get sweat out of you.

After the family day was over, I walked around in Oulu center, fascinated by the new shopping mall Valkee and especially its grocery store that had excellent selection of all kinds of delicious stuff.

I tried to get hold of a couple of my acquitances in the city for a quick drink, but as they have families and last-minute ideas on Saturday evenings are somewhat hard to put into action due to family reasons, I ended eating alone in Puistola. I had an excellent burger at the restaurant in summer 2015, but unfortunately something had changed and frankly I would have got better fare at the local premium fast food joint.

As there were no cheap flights available for Saturday, I spent another night in Oulu and then flew back to Helsinki on Sunday morning. Nothing to report on that.