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November 27th, 2016

Christmas Parties

My company Exove has five offices, and we have a local Christmas party in each of them. So, I’ve been travelling lately on joyful manner.

The Christmas party season was kicked off in Oulu a week ago. I flew there together with my family that continued to Taivalkoski while I stayed in Oulu for the day and took the last plane back to Helsinki. I wouldn’t have been able to go to Taivalkoski on that evening anymore and it would have been pointless to visit there for a day.

The Oulu Christmas dinner was in restaurant Hugo. The food was exceptional and the service was very timely – until we were leaving and wanted to pay the bill. The guys had a lot of fun watching me trying to wave to the waiters with no avail. After ten minutes, I got someone’s attention and could proceed with paying. We fancied of just running out, but decided to act in civil fashion.

As the family was in Taivalkoski on the following Saturday, I spend the first part of the day in Helsinki. I’ve been quite busy due to work – positive busyness, though – and not had the luxury of just strolling around. I did some purchases for Christmas, enjoyed a good meal in a local sushi buffet, and then drove to our summer cabin in Lohja. Did mostly nothing there, too, and then on Sunday drove to the Helsinki airport to pick up the family.

For some reason, we have had bad luck with Finnair flights to Oulu. First, Sanna’s earlier attempt to go to Taivalkoski went bust, as the plane broke before take-off and she decided to get the money back and come home. On this trip, all three flights were late at least half an hour, some of them even more. This has never happened when flying with Norwegian.

The next Christmas dinner was on last Friday in Tallinn. No flying, but a very full ferry to Tallinn. There were a huge amount of Jokerit – a Helsinki based KHL ice hockey team – fans on the ship on their way to Riga to see a game at the evening. Fortunately, they were not too drunk yet, and I could focus on working the whole trip.

Tallinn is always a nice destination for dinners, and this was no exception. The restaurant was The Able Butcher, located in the newly opened Hilton Hotel. The food was good here, too, and the service was very swift. From time to time you could see that the restaurant is new. Minor blunders and confusion, but fortunately nothing major or drastic.

I took the last boat back to Helsinki and was somewhat concerned about the trip beforehand. Typically, the last ships are full of drunk Finns making a lot of noise and flocking all the places. But not this time. The ship was almost empty and it was really pleasurable sailing back to Helsinki.