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January 31st, 2017

Tallinn trip

I visited Tallinn, Estonia, on business on last week. The distance between Helsinki and Tallinn is mere 80 kilometers and ships that I frequent take two hours each way. And they leave every three hours from both Helsinki and Tallinn, so there is plenty of options.

But not during the last week, as Tallink put one of their ships to docks for repairs. They are bringing a new ship to the route, but it made its maiden voyage on Sunday and I had to be in Tallinn already on Thursday. Maybe it is a slow season now and they can cope with a single ship, departing every six hours.

I needed to be in Tallinn early in the morning and until evening, and the timetables were really bad. So I decided to take a slower ship and spend my night at the ship.

To be honest, I was quite dubious, as most of my overnight travels on ships have caused bad sleep, both in quantity and quality. But man has to do what man has to do.

And it was surprisingly pleasant experience. I embarked the ship in early evening in Helsinki, put my stuff into my cabin, and went to enjoy their hundred (or so) course buffet dinner. That was also better than expected.

There were some drunk young Finns roaming the cabin corridors and I could hear disco pounding one or two decks above me, but fortunately not too loud. There was also a decent wifi connection in the cabin, so I could do some work before dozing off.

The disembarkation started at 8.00 on Thursday morning, and I walked to my company’s office and started the day way fresher I thought.