Feb 28, 2017 Life, Travelling:

Skiing trip up north

The last week was a winter holiday week in the southern Finland, and our family spent it skiing – both downhill and cross-country.

We decided to skip the traffic jams and left Espoo on Saturday. The first destination was Häkärinteet near Jyväskylä in central Finland. It is quite low hill with dozen slopes or so, so it was perfect as a starter and also very nice for our youngest who is still learning the ropes in skiing.

We skied a few hours and deftly left Aapo’s skis there – just forgot to pack them in the car. This was found out on Sunday in Koli where we were next skiing together with my younger sister’s family. Aapo was, of course, quite devastated at first, but fortunately agreed to use rented skis.

Koli is the highest ski resort in the southern Finland and very conveniently located near my parents’ house. We spent the whole day there. Also decided to skip the usual trash food and opt for the á la carte option at the hilltop hotel. I ate one of the best burgers ever – highly recommended.

On Monday people went to cross-country skiing. That is not a sport for me, so I lounged at my parents’ house and fixed their PC and smartphone issues. The next day was a travel day to Taivalkoski. We split the trip into two parts by visiting Ukkohalla ski resort in Kainuu region. Never been there before, but it was a good choice. The slopes were nice, not crowded at all, and there was enough powdery snow in the woods and edges of the slopes to enjoy my backcountry ready skis.

Taivalkoski was in middle of our road trip, 800 kilometers behind and also 800 kilometers to go. We spent a few days with Sanna’s parents – their house is conveniently located a kilometer or so away from Taivalvaara ski resort. Our boys skiid there every day, also on the day we visited Iso-Syöte, a way bigger ski resort 35 kilometers from Taivalkoski.

They even went to ski on Friday morning and got a couple of hours of slope time before we headed to Oulu for a couple of nights with friends.


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