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May 27th, 2017

Drupal events

After the previous update, I’ve attended to numerous Drupal events as an organiser or speaker or both.

The first one was the main event in the Northern America, DrupalCon Baltimore. I’ve been helping Drupal Association in Europe several years by being a track chair for the business track, and this was my first American DrupalCon as a track chair. And also my second American DrupalCon overall, the first one was in Chicago in 2011.

There are no direct flights from Helsinki to Baltimore or Washington DC, so I flew to New York and took a train to Baltimore. I was able to combine a couple of business meeting in the Big Apple, so it was not just a detour.

The con itself was pleasant, as they always tend to be. I met a lot of acquitances and friends, and also make a few new ones during the week. I skipped most of the evening activities and parties due to time difference and also because I had to divide some of my attention to Finland during the week – waking up at four o’clock in the morning, spending a few hours working, then breakfast and to the con.

Boy, I was tired after the last meeting on Friday in New York. Fortunately my flight was on Saturday, so I could have a long stretch of sleep on Friday evening – went to bed before eight. I had transferred some of my Amex points to Finnair and upgraded to business. It was actually my first transcontinental flight on business and I will sorely miss the experience when I’m flying next time in economy on a night flight.

Less than two weeks later I was in the next event, this time speaking in DrupalCamp Nordics organised in Helsinki. I was also in the organising committee, albeit had very limited possibilities to do much. At the end, I was able to spend only two hours at the location due to meetings and other hassle. My session went well, at least I think so, and got a few compliments from the listeners.

Fast forward one week, and I was flying to Frankfurt via Stockholm to deliver the same session in the European Drupal Business Days. My speech was on Thursday as a part of the CXO event and again I saw number of familiar faces and had good time in general. This time I was able to stay most the two-day event, had a fancy (albeit slow) dinner at the top of one of the Frankfurt skyscapers with magnificent views. I flew back via Riga, and it was surprisingly straightforward route with minimum hassles – actually my first experience with both Air Baltics and Riga airport, and I could see myself using their services again.

I was quite exhausted after such extensive conferencing. Fortunately the weather was excellent back in Finland and I could enjoy our summer cabin with the family; including also doing manual labour for five to six hours a day…